Maintenance duty

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Reservation terms

We comply with the following conditions for ordering and booking and cancelling accommodation services. These conditions become binding on both parties once the customer has made a reservation. The booker must be of legal age. Electric car charge 50 € / charge.

Booking and payment

After making the reservation, the customer receives an invoice for the advance payment (50% of the accommodation price). The reservation is confirmed when the customer has paid the advance payment by the due date. We have the right to cancel the reservation if the payment has not been paid by the due date. If the booking is made later than 5 weeks before the start of the stay, no pre-payment will be collected separately. The final payment must be paid a month before the start of the rental period.


Cancellation must always be made in writing to us. If the customer cancels their reservation later than a month before the rental period begins, the full rent will be charged. Otherwise, an advance booking fee will be charged. The cancellation is considered to have taken place at the moment when the information about the cancellation has come to us. If the customer shows that the cancellation has been made and sent to the correct address at the right time, the cancellation will be accepted even if it is delayed or not delivered at all. We have the right to cancel the reservation in case of force majeure. In this case, the customer is entitled to the full refund of the rent. In addition, we have the right to cancel the reservation if no payment is made for the reservation by the due date.

Delivery of keys

You can only get the key in exchange for paid receipts. The customer is obliged to contact the villa's forwarding agent no later than the previous day, before the start of the rental period. The delivery of the key will then be agreed upon. The maker of the reservation is liable to compensate us for all expenses incurred from a missing key.

Staying in the villa

The villa is available to the customer from the arrival date at 16:00 to the departure date at 12:00. Otherwise, the final cleaning will be charged afterwards. Smoking and bringing pets in the villas are strictly prohibited.


The customer is obliged to compensate any damage incurred on the villa or its movables.
Disturbance or termination of the lease due to an incident
If, in spite of the notice given by the landlord or the landlord's representative, the tenant does not cease to cause any disturbance or danger to those in the same or neighbouring property, the landlord or the landlord's representative shall have the right to terminate the lease immediately. The costs of all the above measures are charged to the maker of the reservation.

Number of persons

The villa shall not be used by more people than what is indicated in the booking. The use of a tent, a camper van or caravan on the property of the villa without the owner's permission is prohibited.


All comments relating to the equipment and condition of the Villa must be addressed immediately upon the appearance of the issue and during the stay directly to the owner or forwarding agent of the property. The rights to price changes are reserved. VAT according to current legislation.